Code of Business & Ethics

In today’s global business environment, companies are exposed to many different cultures and ways of  operating than ever before. It is essential for the wellbeing of Techspan Systems and CA Traffic that we continue to uphold the high ethical standards that we have worked to historically in our home business environment.

There are many ways in which our business could be perceived to operate, and our current ethical business practices and reputation are very important to us. We wish to eliminate any false perception and provide the best practices to our commercial relationships and retain fair competition wherever we operate.

With that in mind we have adopted a number of principles and produced a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. The Code summarises our standards for the way we behave and it clearly defines what we expect of our business and our people. The Company Directors and employees are fully committed to this practice and each play their part to ensure that our business dealings and reputation remain free from corruption.

It is hoped that this Code will provide reassurance to our customers, associates and colleagues that we are committed to conducting our business to lawful, fair and ethical standards.

We trust that you welcome the introduction of our Code of Business Conduct and hope that you will join us in similar practice to enhance our mutually beneficial relationships.

Bernard Greene
Managing Director

For a full copy of the Code of Business Conduct & Ethics please click here: Code of Business

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